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Ok i think i've got hacked.....and if i do something or say something....Its not me ok?

I don't wanna hurt ANY one or my friends

I didn't know about the spam virus....and i clicked on it you can see proof of that on My last neon page....

My be too late for me but not for you

Send your questions to me too


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Looks like this

Spamalot by RobynRose

Spamalot by RobynRose

If you are getting messages that look similar to this with a mysterious link attached, they are probably part of the phishing scam. This list is not comprehensive, so be aware of things that look similar.

Look what i found here
Look what i found

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Ok so what is this virus? It's what's known as a Keylogger. A keylogger is a small program that can easily be downloaded onto a computer that can record keystrokes and mouse clicks. This means that it will record when you enter in your username and password into a field, such as DA's login page. A Keylogger virus will forward this information to a thief (either a person, or a program designed to collect usernames, as with this wave of spam). The scary thing about keyloggers is that they're not specific about what they record. If you type your DA password, it will have your DA password. If you type your email password, it will have your email. And inside of your email are often confirmation records of other sites and passwords. So, if you have a keylogger and don't know it, you will be repeatedly giving away multiple passwords to the program.

The nature of this program is why it is important to comletely remove the keylogger BEFORE you change your password. If you change your password while the keylogger is still installed, it will simply send your new password to the collection. And it will probably have your email password now to boot.

How to Detect and Remove a Keylogger

If you suspect you have a keylogger installed on your computer, one way to bypass it is to scramble your password as you type it.

Example: If your password is 55abrahamlincoln55

Then type in "lincoln"

Then click to the begining and add "abrahamlincoln"

Then click to either side and add "55abrahamlincoln55"

A simple keystroke logger will only log your keystrokes as you type them. Typing your password out of order can confuse the program. This is a safety precaution to take if you think you might be infected, it is NOT a way to avoid the keylogger altogether.

Another way to avoid keyloggers is to use your computer's onscreen keyboard.

To type without using the keyboard

<div class="">
  • Open On-Screen Keyboard by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking On-Screen Keyboard.


1) If I accidentally click on a link but only go to DA's exit page am I infected?

No. Just leave the page and do not go further. That's what DA's exit page is for.

2) Can I get a keylogger on my mac / android / mobile device?

Unfortunately, I don't know. I only use a PC.

3) Should I hide comments and block them or report them as spam?

Report them as spam. Reporting these comments does three things
- It automatically hides the comment, preventing other users from seeing the links and clicking on them.
- It automaticlaly blocks the user.
- It sends a notification to DA staff to investigate the comment and deal with the spammer.

If you only choose to block and hide, you are not letting DA staff know about the problem with the account. Always report as spam.

4) What sort of security measures can I take?

There are numerous rather effective addons for browsers that can help with security.
NoScript for Firefox and Chrome work by disabling automatic scripts running in the background.
Adblockplus is great for popups and can block some malicious ads.
AVG is a free anti-virus software. I don't use it, and so I cannot comment on how effective it is.
I personally use Norton Internet Security.

As with all of these things, just having the program doesn't necessarily protect you. You need to go in and look at the settings to see what it is allowing and what it is blocking. You can search for guides on what each setting does and how to customize your anti-virus settings.

5) I have kaspersky ( the latest version ) and It says my computer does scans every hour, and everything seems to be in check, and I'm doing a full scan now, and everything is ok, does this mean I'm safe?

I don't know, check your settings to see what it's scanning for. Also see if it has a list of detected and quarantined items. Norton regularly deletes tracking cookies from my PC and lets me know in a report. If it removed a keylogger from me, it would say. But if it didn't, I either never had one, or it couldn't find it.

6) My account has been hacked. I'm only on because the hacker is off. What do I do?

If you cannot scan and remove the keylogger, try to access a PC that is clean (avoid public computers and networks) and change your password. If there is no keylogger, the new password will not be sent to the hacker. Go back to your old device and clear it of the infection using anti-virus software. If it's really bad, you can take it in to a computer doctor, but you'll be paying money.
This is the longest thing i've made



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Damn counter

Damn counter

M Y C H A R A C T E R S ! ! ! ! !

:thumb340641054:  < Hazel & Rage> :thumb340644979:

Okay just to let you all know 100% Of my work is my own and this work CAN be used as wallpapers for your PC,Laptop or MAC There is only 6 steps these are:

1) Click your right mouse button and go to SAVE AS....
2) When it's been downloaded got to your wallpaper....
3) Right click with your mouse and go on to the bottom action....Or anything that is
along the lines of "personalize"
4) Then go on to *Name here*/Downloads or somewhere you keep your downloads in
5) Click on it and go to Apply as wallpaper ECT
6) Please tell me that you've done this :D

I would recommend for your wallpapers is one's that have a "*" or Smeg2294 * Year*
On it

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